Need a new site design?

Does your web site look inferior or severely outdated in comparison to your competitors and the big corporate sites? Stop turning your target audience away by not giving them the same consumer confidence in your web site! Redesigns are less expensive now, in comparison to what the larger companies have to pay entire design teams.

Atwoodz will build you a contemporary web design for your eCommerce shopping cart, that will make your customers feel as if there were shopping at one of the major corporations’ online store. Plus, Atwoodz can do it for a lot less. With our vast experience of e-commerce, we know all the right layouts, design features, and other aspects of eCommerce site design that gives your store great conversions from landing on your site, to the final Pay Now button. We streamline the checkout process, while adding the best design elements to your online store; so that your customers are constantly given strong “Call-to-Actions” in the most effective, but yet subtle ways.

The main objective to our great designs is to increase the site’s revenue from the current traffic. Every method that we deploy in this fashion has been proven over the past 10 years of our ecommerce experience. Your customers will now feel that when they land on any of the pages of your site, whether the Home page, Product pages, or even Policy pages that they are now purchasing from a stable and reliable website. This in turn will bring to you, the store owner, the consumer confidence for the customer to stay on your site and purchase, earning their trust in your business.

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SEO Marketing Campaign

If you build it, they will come…maybe.

Building a great website is no longer a sure way to generate sales or visitors. These days it can take content, Meta, Pay-Per-Click and many other techniques to drive traffic and sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective and often the most profitable form of marketing. SEO, in its simplest definition, means to format your website in a way, so Google easily recognizes your target keywords and relevant content; that is the optimization part.

We see SEO as a very careful mix between art and science. The “art” of SEO comes during the keyword research and selection process, the “science” refers to the meticulous steps that are repeated across the many categories and products. Not only are the techniques being used advancing quickly, but the on-page content and Meta strategies are ever-evolving as well. Google has made up to 600 changes to its algorithms in each of the last few years. Having a team of SEO experts with decades of eCommerce and website marketing is essential to the proper set-up and marketing of your website; especially with the fast changing environment.

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WordPress Security

Thousands of WordPress websites get hacked every day, and you don’t even need to be a hacker to accomplish this task. In an internal study done recently, 7 out of 10 people asked were able to find a working WordPress vulnerability and hack within 2 hours; ironically, the non-programmers had a similar success rate as the professional programmers. Apparently Google makes it quite convenient. In the scariest instance, one of the testing subjects was able to join a hacking “community” that gave access to an incredible amount of previously written viruses and vulnerability hacks.

Hacker communities across the globe release data on WordPress vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. Most of today’s hackers aren’t even truly hackers, as they rely on someone else’s malicious script while making slight adjustments for their specific use….they are more code manipulators, than anything else. A basic understand of programming and access to Google are about all that is needed to start hacking; you don’t even need to know how to program, you just need to be able to follow directions closely. It took approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes for one of our non-programmers to find and successfully implement a WordPress hack on a live website

Over 99% percent of websites that were hacked or given a virus, were targeted by a mass attack aimed at thousands or more websites with known vulnerabilities. Very rarely are websites individually targeted, as most individual sites do not contain enough data or value to make it worth hacking. The biggest problem is when a vulnerability becomes known, it is spread across the world very quickly. Very rarely do website owners receive this data, since they are likely more concerned with running their business; they are not likely to be part of the information channels that these vulnerabilities are discussed.

The same thing that makes WordPress so great, also makes it vulnerable to mass-attacks done by “botnets” using virus infected computers.

Over 64 million websites and blogs are using WordPress as the content management system for their sites. This gives plenty of targets for would-be thieves and hackers that prey on the easy targets from the massive amount of current users of WordPress. 99% of the websites fail to do even the minimum suggestions when it comes to protecting their sites. Recently, over 90,000 WordPress websites were hacked by simply targeting the most commonly used logins and passwords. This is in addition to the tens of thousands of new viruses that are released yearly from countries like; China, Russian, Iran and other countries with state-sponsored hackers and “wild-west” type rules on internet usage and hacker tracking. Atwoodz can secure your WordPress website, and we will make sure you have a viable back-up for when an attack does happen. Call us today for a Free Consultation and Security Check!