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  • Benefits of Cloud Computing

    Have you ever thought, what would happen if my computer died, I need to back up my files; so you put “back-up my computer” on your to-do list, but of course you get busy and there are always more pressing issues, not to mention when you finally get free time the last thing you want […]

  • Marin, Santa Cruz and Shasta Counties Teaming Up to Go Green

    A new mobile app that provides election information on Android and iPhones is now available for voters to download. VoterGuideNowâ„¢ was created in partnership with Dr. Elizabeth Bergman, Professor of Political Science at California State University East Bay. Dr. Bergman is a nationally recognized elections expert who worked with Atwoodz Inc‘s mobile development team to […]

  • Google Panda Update

    Google Panda is a filter aimed at de-valuing poor quality websites so searchers receive more quality websites when using the Google search engine. Google Panda is still fairly new and not many people in the non-SEO world know about it; so we’ll explain it in lay man’s terms. Google Panda is part of the over […]

  • Web App vs. Native App

    If you are considering having your own mobile app made, you should have a basic idea of the different types of apps available so that you can better decide what’s best for your business. A mobile app is software that is used on mobile devices, allowing the mobile user to play games, view calendars, listen […]

  • Internet Marketing Channels Every Small Business Should Be Using

    There are many tools that can be used to enhance your Internet marketing mix, and finding the perfect combination of marketing channels to use can be difficult.  Channels such as SEO, social media, e-mail marketing, and blogging have proven to have significant impacts on businesses.  There are many opinions about what methods of search engine […]

  • Why Blogging Could Be Beneficial to You!

    Blogging and micro-blogging has become a very positive source of networking and customer referrals for businesses. Blogging is a strong benefit of Organic SEO and can help your company move up in search engine results because it creates relevant informative and valuable content, the more people that find your blog interesting and valuable, the better […]

  • Pinterest. How this new social site can help your business!

    In 2010, the introduction of Pinterest, a fusion of bookmarking, blogging, and Facebook, opened up greater possibilities for businesses to reach greater numbers. If you thought harnessing the power of social media, blogging, and social bookmarking were great for business, can you imagine the possibilities when these powers combine? Pinterest has taken social sharing to […]

  • What Is On-Page Optimization Anyway?

    What Is On-Page Optimization Anyway? In the early days of public Internet access, few knew the enormity it would become. .com sites popped up like wildfire, offering everything from coupon clipping services to instant mail- e-mail! This revolution took the world by storm and streamlined the way everything was done around the globe. It created […]

  • Mobilize for the Mobile Life

    The mobile movement is fully upon us and PC’s are no longer the only way to visit websites. The ease and ability to access any information needed at any time is particularly important in today’s busy society. If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile browsing or looked into developing an Android or iPhone App, […]

  • What is Off Page Search Engine Optimization?

    First, off-page search engine optimization is activity which occurs outside of your website, on the Internet, that improves search engine results page (SERP) placement. The concept is simple, but the implementation can be lengthy and overwhelming.   Essential practices for off-page optimization include developing quality links to your site through article marketing, directory submission, social media, […]