How To Verify And Recover Site Back To Search Index In SEO

Life can be cruel especially when one creates a new content ones site, and it get penalized for this. This can happen even after studying legitimate SEO techniques extensively. When a site enjoys decent rank scores across the boards, it is as a result of quality content. Webmasters who use myriad overly aggressive techniques get penalized. This happens mostly when they try to manipulate their site ranking in search engines. They often go to extraordinary measure of gaming SEO systems. One requires to do legitimate work to increase their page ranks. The main focus and objective here is for those optimizing their penalized sites. Search engines protect their search engine results pages from cheating webmasters.

The penalization of one’s site can be confirmed by going to the webmaster center and log on to be able to analyze. First sign in with any live messenger ID and answer all the questions that the account requires. Then add ones site to the windows live ID. It is crucial to note that webmaster uses tools offered by each site to authenticate ones site for easy content access. The system contains editing tools, which allows one to follow the site link and check required information. It is here that, and one should click the summary tool and go to the site status section. If one is dealing with a blocked site, it will show in the status section.

The flagging of one’s crucial problem is in the tools report. The issuing of the problem report is either via an automated process, by the review team or through a third party. Perhaps the issue is an optimization technique used that is unknown to be problematic. Another issue might be the malicious hacking of one’s site by a third party. Perhaps the correlation of a newly implemented algorithm was as a result of one’s action. For now, the main objective is resolving the issue at hand.

Since the confirmation of site blockage is from the summary tool, the first thing to do is determining if the blockage issue is as a result of malware. In the webmaster center, check and analyze both crawl issues and outbound links tool. Select the show only outbound links to malware option in order to determine malware issues. In case, the system detects any malware issues, clean them up immediately.

If malware is unfound, then carefully review the live search webmaster center guidelines. One pays attention to the bullet items in the technique section. This prevents ones website from appearing in live search results. One can see the posted rules that cause penalization of one site. The basic guidelines between search engines are compatible, and that one can clarify site content on search engines.

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