Keyword Placement Priority In SEO

The key to using keywords search engines is the look of key phrases and key words. Writers use key points and phrases to emphasize key contents of a site. The prioritization of Words is automatic. The definition of Page titles words is for assessing site page content. Therefore, since the title page defines page content, these words carry more weight than words in body text. Body text is the definitive text since it is the most common text.

It is noticeable that the words that entirely describe a whole page carry the weight of the page. It is this words that form the vital page for keyword selection. Many writers who write technical documents understand the merit and power of words that describe a whole text. These words include page titles, chapter and section heading to mention but a few. Search engine bot also adapts these concepts and analyze these words.

Use keywords for significant impacts mainly in natural spoken language. The usage of most keywords is in the page title mainly inside the title tags. Body text headers use keywords within various tags as <h1> </h1> and <h2> </h2>. Links to other pages utilize keywords between the available tags. Meta tags utilize keywords especially when used with a name tags such as description and keyword.

In conclusion, do not mistake and think that using keywords and phrase is a waste of precious time. Your text content is indexed to ones site content and thereby improves the quality of work. It is here that the determination of site theme by the relevance of content to keywords is in effect. It is within this process that the definition of body text content writing is in effect. Including your keywords and phrases in one’s body text simply reinforces ones use of those terms. This is with respect of using the higher priority ranked parts of the page. This is but without their usage in those aforementioned area parts. It is because of these that they fail to stand out as definitive keywords for ones site’s pages.

The usage of all these techniques is to optimize a site natural rank position in the SERPs. These are any attempt to boost a site rank beyond what its content and design deserves. Seo draws a clear line between acceptable content and unaccepted site content. Search engines work hard to hand out most relevant schedule in their organic SERPs. They look for authority and legitimacy of the high ranked sites. The rightful use of vast keywords will propagate a site to its rightfully position.

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